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Debra McLaurin

Debra McLaurin is original founder and the President/CEO of Adorable Babies Jump Start Corporation, a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 organization.  We have been in the educational services business since 1980 to present providing elite 21st Century academic programs and various activities to young children to pave the way for their educational futures through a S.T.E.M based program.  

I have obtained a BA Degree Early Childhood Development from National University, San Diego, in 2014.  I have graduated Cum Laud a with a very high GPA.  I received the Pinnacle National Honor Society  Awards Recipient of excellence in education. This prestigious awards competition strives for the highest degree of excellence in education.

Recipient of Alpha Gama Sigma Honor Society Member, Phi Theta Kappa Society Member, HITE & Honors Society Member 9High Intensity Transfer Enrichment), (former) Member of the  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Recipient of the 3rd Annual Karen Kay Achievement  Award, Gateway for Early Educators, Steps of Excellence Program of LA, Best Start of LA.,Southern California Association for the Education of Young Children Member, TEACH Program Member, Toast Masters International Member, National Association of Family Child Care Accreditation Member, National and California Association of Early Young Children, Accreditation Member,  National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI) Member, NAACP, and Lancaster Chamber Member and State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and Program Directors Permit.  Presently, I am enrolled in college to pursue my Masters Degree in the Master's In Educational Leadership Program. 

I am a Minority, Female Businesswoman with a burning desire to reach the "whole child" through S.T.E.M. education.  

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We are committed to reaching the “whole child” through educational programs and activities through S.T.E.M.. We have accomplished those goals by providing rich learning opportunities through education, activities, motivation, emotional, physical, verbal, mental socialization skills, play and sensory experiences.  Our qualified teachers are responsible to set up a classroom that is divided into specific learning center areas to create an environment that is developmentally appropriate and provides children with a wide variety of choices for learning and socialization. 

We are offering the state of the arts supplies, environments,  and equipment for our 21st Century ABJS Youth STEM Programs and activities for our students.

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We are now offering your family a great deal of information to encourage your children that our STEM Camp is the way to go as a starter. 

"As a result, the Obama administration announced in 2009 "Educate to Innovate" campaign to motivate and inspire students to excel in "S.T.E.M." subjects.  This campaign also addresses the inadequate number of teachers skilled to educate in these subjects.  The goal is to get American students from the middle of the pack in science and math to the top of the pack in the international arena."  (Live Science.com).

Parents, we should consider how STEM impacts what is nearest and dearest to us is our children. STEM is their futures in the mechanical age in which they live, their best business alternatives, and their key to savvy choices. In 2009, the United States Department of Labor recorded the ten most needed workers. Eight of those workers were ones with degrees in the S.T.E.M. fields: bookkeeping, software engineering, electrical designing, mechanical building, data sciences and frameworks, PC building, structural designing, and financial matters and fund. As indicated by the U. S. Branch of Commerce, STEM occupations are developing at 17%, while others are developing at 9.8%. Social insurance specialists with partner degrees to specialists of a solution will normal 20% more in lifetime profit than companions with comparative degrees in non-human services. A look at 2010 beginning pay rates for specialists with $47,145 for structural architects to $60,054 for concoction designers is solid confirmation that STEM-related occupations can be monetarily compensating professions for our children. 

In like manner, as indicated by the U. S. Work Department, the 10 quickest developing occupations) from 2008-2018, and their middle wages are:

  • Biomedical engineers, $77,400
  • Network systems and data communications analysts, $71,100
  • Home health aides, $20,460
  • Personal and home care aides, $19,180
  • Financial examiners, $70,930
  • Medical scientists, except epidemiologists, $72,590
  • Physician assistants, $81,230
  • Skin care specialists, $28,730
  • Biochemists and biophysicists, $82,840
  • Athletic trainers, $39,640